Crazy. Messy. Love…

Plot – Women know it all! They work, raise children and turn a house into a home. And they know how to love for real. The problem is always the same… the man!
[Translation by Luzia Zaccherini]

The guy who runs after us and gives us a smile is usually never the guy we like. 

Our eyes see nothing but the Adonis perched on his beautiful throne that doesn’t even give us a glance to ask where the toilet is; and for us ladies it’s frustrating!

We would stoop to do anything to get his attention, even for a second. The luckiest ones stay in the shadows, suffer in silence, and slowly forget him. The unluckiest ones get his interest and live the golden age that lasts from Christmas to Boxing Day because either in the end he cheats on us with another woman, or worse, with soccer. 

Once the family helped, which more than help seemed to be a conspiracy, so much that the theories about Kennedy’s death were nothing in comparison.

Thinking about it today, in 2020, it gives me the creeps but maybe some of us, deep down, would like the family to arrange a wedding. Seeing how moms select products at the supermarket and handle preschool applications when they are still trying to get pregnant, you could say we would be sitting pretty!

All kidding aside, a mom would select a man worthy of our femininity and we’d just have to live with the fact that we didn’t snag him on our own, but let’s also think about all the money saved on appetizers or parties to try – I said to try and not find – getting to know someone. Don’t you agree? Think that with the money saved: Louboutin heels and a couple of trips to some amazing destination would come up. There, I think I’ve convinced you with the word “heels” like Tom Cruise convinced a young Renée Zellweger at “hello” in the movie Jerry Maguire.

Well, maybe I’m talking about utopias. Maybe after this virus things will change and we will mate differently, who knows. All I know is that right now, at the threshold of 35 years old, sometimes it hurts not to have anyone, and even worse, the thought of not being able to find anyone. Phrases such as You’ll find the right man and Better alone than badly accompanied are no longer enough because there are times when you feel invisible and fear that it will be so forever.

It’s not about jealousy towards friends with husbands, children and a house with a mortgage to the grave. I mean, maybe just a little bit… It’s about not having anyone to share everyday life with. You can do that in your forties, at forty-five, and even your sixties, but the point is that we, women, want it now; and we want someone who is willing to stand by us and not run off at the first bimbo that walks by.

We want a man with balls, but not the one who can take on a gang with fists. For that, we have Netflix with The Rock, Jason Statham and Vin Diesel. We want a man with the balls to stay in a relationship. A man who will stand up to us when we fight and yell and communicate with and then hug a few hours or even days later, closer than before. A man who cooks for us once in a while or who eventually burns dinner so to bring in the firemen and make our eyes sparkle at seeing all those super cool men in uniforms, when he may be more like a chump, but we would like that because then in bed we would show him all our gratitude.

We’re not ashamed to be lonely, we even shout it to the world, but someone has to answer our call because we don’t know where the men who want to commit are anymore. To be clear, there are so many sluts that Deep Throat in comparison was a pure example of sanctification and honor to Christ, but with all the women I know, I can confirm we are not crazy or psychopathic. Not everyone, at least!

We’re full of hormones, we scream and get excited, but we do it as much as we know how to love and make someone feel protected and safe. We don’t want “chat relationships”, we want to go out and experience contact with a person, and given this quarantine, once we get out, we’d like it even more. Because right now a sincere kiss is a lethal weapon and a hug is equivalent to choking on someone’s breath.

We won’t be as young and attractive as 20-somethings.
We won’t be wise and spicy like women in their 50s.
We’re in middle age and for a woman it sucks, but that doesn’t mean we stop trying.


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